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Bootstrap Tables to JSON, and vice versa.

Bart SimonsBart Simons

This is just a quick post and/or announcement about a JavaScript library I have been working on:

The main goal of this library is to make the link between a Bootstrap/HTML5 table with JSON a lot easier. Do you have an API available that returns data in JSON format? No problem! Bootstrap-jsontables takes care of that. Take a look at the examples on my GitHub repo if you need a quick visual glance of what this library could do for your project.

More features coming soon!

I'm having big plans to improve the search functionality of bootstrap-jsontables. The search functionality in its current form is just too simple, so that's going to be improved in the future.

Converting a table to JSON data

Say that we have this Bootstrap table:

<table id="appUsers" class="table">

Use this JavaScript/jQuery code to convert the table to JSON:

// Create a new JSONTable object on the #appUsers table.
var jsonTable = new JSONTable($("#appUsers"))

// Convert the table to JSON
var tableData = jsonTable.toJSON()

// The tableData object:
[{"ID":"1","Name":"Bart"}, {"ID":"2","Name":"Nick"}]

Keeping a log of all progress over here would be a bad choice, so please check out my GitHub for any future updates, changes and improvements:

I hope that this library helps you with your project. Your feature requests and/or contributions are welcome, please let me and the community know in the form of a GitHub issue :)

Bart Simons

Bart Simons

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